What is TAMID?

Brandeis TAMID is designed to offer experiential business learning. Beginning with an interactive classroom curriculum, the program soon progresses to give members hands-on experience with companies in the heart of the startup nation.



Our semester-long

education program teaches participants basic business principles, such as how to fundraise, analyze finances, consult for a company, and build a successful business model.


Members of consulting projects have the opportunity to provide services for Israeli startup companies in areas such as business development, market research, competitive analysis, U.S. market entry strategy, and more.


Members of our investment fund develop strong equity research skills by participating in a simulation stock competition against other TAMID chapters.

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Tech Consulting

In our new tech track, members have the unique opportunity to delve into true software development projects sourced from startups based in Israel.  


Select members participate in a subsidized 8-week internship program in Tel Aviv, Israel, at one of our partner companies in the fields of venture capital, high-tech, and consulting.


Yovel Krasner, TAMID Brandeis President '18

Being a member of TAMID has given me endless opportunities and experiences. Taking on various roles within the chapter has really given me perspective on what it means to be a good leader and team member.  After launching the Alumni Networking Event at Brandeis in my second semester as a member, I knew TAMID was a special organization that I could give so much to and learn so much from. Being the VP Programming allowed me to develop my networking capabilities and strengthen the TAMID at Brandeis relationship with various alumni and professionals in the Boston area. Going on the summer fellowship in 2017 was one of the greatest opportunities I received through TAMID. Spending time in the heart of an extremely innovative and entrepreneurial economy, gaining real professional experience and being able to build relationships with over 200 other TAMID members was incredible professional development that no other organization could offer. As President of the Brandeis chapter, one of my biggest goals was to ensure that every member knew how present the opportunities to gain experience and leadership were in both the chapter and TAMID as a whole. I am so lucky to have been able to amass such amazing experiences through TAMID over the past three years, and I know the organization will have a lifetime impact on me.

Rebecca Shaar, Senior

Going into TAMID, I had no background in business and was nervous about acquiring the skills necessary to effectively consult for a company. In just one semester, TAMID's extensive, yet still structured and easily understandable education program allowed me to feel confident in tackling a business case.


TAMID's focus on not only learning, but also observing and practicing skills was especially helpful. Hearing from a diverse range of guest speakers throughout the semester provided invaluable insight on the business world, and watching other TAMID members' final presentations framed the importance of business skills in a broader context. Most notably, however, the semester culminated in a case competition for a real Israeli company. I had an excellent experience working with other TAMID members on preparing a memo and presentation for the competition, and learned a lot from the constructive feedback of our judges!

Joel Hemsi,

New England Chief Regional Officer '18

I am a member of the Brandeis chapter and I serve nationally as the Chief Regional Officer for New England. My involvement in TAMID is one of the most valuable undergraduate experiences I’ve had so far, because my two-fold involvement has allowed me to see and guide the bigger picture (the New England Region) while actively being a part of one piece of the regional puzzle (the Brandeis chapter). One of my favorite things about TAMID is that I get to experience the meetings at my chapter first-hand, while virtually connecting to the other chapters. This gives me a chance to reach the bigger picture; understand how each chapter functions and practice my negotiation skills. I was inspired to join Nationals while on the TAMID Fellowship in Summer 2017. Since July 2017, I have been responsible for overseeing the New England region of TAMID which includes seven chapters. I have had the privilege to work with impressive TAMID leaders in the region, and to guide them through chapter-wide challenges while using the national student network as a backbone.

Andrew Savage, Alumni '16

There are many organizations one can join in pursuit of a few extra lines on a resume or a network to find an internship. Tamid is certainly one. Yet, it is the less tangible aspects the drove my commitment to the Group - the sense of community and collaboration, the confidence it gave me in navigating an increasingly entrepreneurial landscape, even the ability to watch the organization itself grow. They all made Tamid a foundation for my career and the value I put in was returned in excess.