The TAMID Fund is the perfect way to develop a passion for the financial world. If you are interested in investing, equity research, and financial analysis, consider the Fund for your next step towards your financial and career goals.

Fund at

TAMID Brandeis

The Fund is centered around stock pitches and presentations, financial professional development, and continuing education in the financial field. Each activity helps members develop into more experienced, educated, and informed investors and future professionals.

Skills taught in education sessions are refined in the professional development and stock pitch settings of the Fund. We teach members the basics of fundamental analysis with a keen eye to long-term value investing, the basics of certain financial models, and how to use Bloomberg to develop these tools. We learn to assess long-term performance and evaluate a stock against the broader industry and market setting. Finally, we discuss introductory portfolio theory, and how to choose stocks that best complement and diversify a portfolio.

Fund members are expected to complete a minimum of three brief pitches per semester that convey a basic investment idea and argumentative thesis. Members will also complete a minimum of two long-form stock presentations, including a basic financial model for price predictions, competitor comparables, risks, and an investment strategy. These presentations will be completed in teams of three and presented to the Brandeis TAMID chapter at large. Finally, members develop their own portfolio over the course of the semester, culminating in a complete and diversified portfolio of their own design, with members dictating everything from the industry they will focus on, to their portfolio’s exposure to risk.

As members of the Brandeis TAMID Fund, members also learn about different employment options and job opportunities in the financial field. They develop the skills necessary to be competitive in the application process for those jobs and learn how to approach those same applications with confidence. In their time in the Fund, our members assemble materials that can compliment future applications, including formal stock presentations and a semester-long project on portfolio development.

Last, the Fund is a place where students can share their passion with like-minded colleagues. The Fund is an investment community built to enhance our members’ college career and financial knowledge, but also is an enjoyable and enriching extracurricular experience. We hope to see you there!