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Applying to TAMID at Brandeis

At this point, you have decided to apply to TAMID at Brandeis. Whether you are working on your application essays, getting your resume checked, or are preparing for your interview - here are some tips to help you succeed in the TAMID at Brandeis interview process.

Before Applying

So, you're interested in joining TAMID at Brandeis?

You're making the right choice! TAMID at Brandeis is one of the largest organizations on campus, where you will have the opportunity to gain real hands-on experience, meet new friends, and become part of a global community of TAMID members from all over the world.

1. Research, research, research!

Yes, we are a business club. However, TAMID is so much more than just a business club. You are probably interested for one (or several) reasons:

  • Getting hands-on experience with start-ups

  • Being able to explore Israeli through an apolitical and areligious lense

  • Meet other students on campus

  • Benefit from TAMID's global alumni network of TAMID Pros

  • Work abroad in Israeli through TAMID's fellowship program

  • ...and more!

However, think about why joining TAMID is important to you and what really appeals to you about the organization. How is TAMID different from other business clubs on campus? What does TAMID offer, and what is our mission statement? What work has our chapter done?

You can find all of this information on the TAMID at Brandeis website, the official TAMID Group website, or our social media. We also recommend reaching out to students currently in our chapter - either friends that have recommended you or our current board members.

We also highly recommend attending our information sessions and our booth at the Activities Fair.

Developing your Application

You are now at the point where you are developing your application, and probably figuring out what you want us to know about you. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure that you are going into the process strong!

2. Visit Hiatt Career Center

Part of the application is sending us a resumé. Whether you just graduated high school or have been in college for a few semesters, there is no excuse for not having a professional resumé. You can either make an appointment with one of the Hiatt Career Center advisors or use their samples and resume guides for crafting the perfect resume. Some tips that we can offer are:

  • Keep your resume to 1 page!

  • Give us a look into what makes your background unique

  • Ensure that it contains no grammatical, formatting, or spelling errors

3. Crafting your essays

Spend time on your essays, and answer them honestly and truthfully. We want to know what excites you about TAMID, and what you think that you will contribute to the club. There is no prescribed length, but you should spend some time on your answers. It helps us get a better understanding of what motivates you, and why would like to join the club.

Preparing for the Interview

Congratulations! You have been offered an interview! You will likely be interviewing with two of our Executive Board members. Our Executive Board members are experienced TAMID students who have had the opportunity to take advantage of so much that TAMID has to offer, while also getting the chance to contribute back in a real and meaningful way.

4. More research!

You've probably already looked at TAMID as an organization. Make sure to have examples of specific aspects of TAMID that interests you ready for your interview. Additionally, think of questions that you can ask your interviewers. Ask them about their experiences, how TAMID operates, or their favorite Netflix show recommendations. We love to talk about what we love about TAMID and what makes it such an amazing organization!

5. Practice, practice, practice!

The interview is not meant to scare you. This is your opportunity to allow us to get to know you more, and for you to learn more about our program. You can expect standard interview questions (+ some fun ones!) to be asked of you. We try our best to prepare you for a real interview.

Additionally, try to utilize the S.T.A.R. response model in your interview answers. S.T.A.R. stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Response.

  • Situation - What is the context of your story? Where did this situation happen? What were some of the barriers or challenges you were facing?

  • Task - What were you responsible for doing? What was your goal?

  • Action - What steps did you take to achieve this task? Be specific - show us, don't tell us!

  • Response - What were the end results? What did you learn from this experience?

6. Dress to impress

Now, come on - did you really not expect this? We're a pre-professional business organization, so we have to dress like it! We highly encourage you to dress in business professional or business casual clothing. If you do not have anything that fits under those two categories, take a quick shopping trip to the Hiatt Career Center Closet where you can borrow professional clothes for free!

After the Interview

Well done! You have completed the TAMID at Brandeis interview process, and now you have to play the waiting game. We let everyone know their application status at the same time. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

7. Thank your Interviewers

Please make sure to email your interviews and thank them for their time. Like you, they are extremely busy students but they love getting to talk with awesome students like yourself. A thank you email goes a long way and really helps put a smile on your interviewers' faces :).

About the Author

Mitchell Dodell '21 is a current Senior at Brandeis University double majoring in Computer Science and Business. He is the current founder and VP of the Tech Consulting track at Brandeis University, and also serves as the Co-Global Director of Tech Consulting. Previously, Mitchell served as President of TAMID at Brandeis, VP of Marketing, a project manager, Director of Operations, and was a 2018 TAMID Fellow.

Outside of TAMID, you can find Mitchell participating in hackathons around Brandeis, working as a teaching assistant for a Business or Computer Science Class/as a Coordinator and Admissions Fellow in the Undergraduate Admissions Office, or flying his drone! Feel free to connect with him on his LinkedIn and reach out!