• TAMID at Brandeis

Bentley/Brandeis Fund Event - Jonathan Hurvitz

Two weeks ago, TAMID at Brandeis got invited by our generous counterparts over at Bentley to a speaker event with Jonathan Hurvitz, an Equity Sales Trader at Goldman Sachs. We rounded everyone up, split some cars, and made our way over to Bentley in the crisp February night, some of us wearing perhaps a few layers shy of comfy. Quick shout-out to Chris de Mena for driving a carful of us over – I’d tell you what we talked about, but for the life of me all I remember is laughing.

When we got to Bentley, we spent several minutes hopelessly lost. Eventually, like a band of vagabonds stumbling through the desert, we found our oasis. The room was PACKED; we were piled in wall to wall to wall, squeezed next to our friends from Bentley and Babson TAMID. Then Jonathan began. He told us about his work at Goldman, his small team of five or six people responsible for executing trades and carrying out orders. He told us about some of his inspirations, like Flash Boys by Michael Lewis, author of acclaimed works like the Big Short and Moneyball.

Jonathan Hurvitz speaking to Brandeis and Bentley students -- photo credits to TAMID at Bentley

He opened up for questions, cleared up the application process for us, and gave some tips for best networking practices. Then Bentley had us all go and introduce ourselves to TAMID members from our opposing chapters. Within minutes of us heading out, we’d all added up on LinkedIn. Just like that.

I’m really grateful to the Bentley folks for inviting us all out there. This is the second event where TAMID at Brandeis and Bentley have worked together, and personally, I really hope to keep this connection going. We’ve got a couple ideas in the pipeline to look forward to on that front. Cheers to an ever-growing TAMID!