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Consulting Team Introduction - Rumble App

Today we want to show off one of our amazing Brandeis at TAMID Consulting teams, led by Yona Steinman ’20. Here is some info about our amazing consulting group and their work with Rumble App:

Rumble App Consulting Team - Shoshana Fiorino '21, Aryela Vanetsky '20, Yona Steinman '20, Benji Schwartz '21

"This semester we are consulting for Rumble App which is an app that provides an economic incentive to living a healthy lifestyle. The app tracks the amount of steps you take in a day, and rewards you a corresponding amount of "health coins" which can be used to get discounts at local restaurants and other businesses. They are currently located only in Israel and are looking to penetrate the US market. For our project, we are working on doing an in depth industry analysis, mainly focused on existing competitors in the US. We are also assisting in the translation of the app, from Hebrew to English. Lastly, we look to reach out to local businesses to gauge their interest in partnering with Rumble. We are looking forward to working with Rumble App this semester!” - Yona Steinman '21

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