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Consulting Team Introduction - Zikaron BaSalon

Zikaron BaSalon Consulting Team - Ben Jaffe '20, Brian Inker '21, Daniella Herskowitz '21, and Doria Leibowitz '20

"This semester, my incredible team is consulting for an Israeli non-profit called Zikaron BaSalon. Zikaron BaSalon, translated to English as “remembrance in the living room”, sets up individuals with Holocaust survivors so that they can hear stories and have a conversation in one’s living room - a smaller, more intimate setting. My team has been collecting information on new cities and countries this important organization can expand to. Additionally, we are helping them update their website design to become more user friendly and attract a younger demographic. With recent studies suggesting that as many as 66% of millennials not knowing what Auschwitz is, the importance of Holocaust education for young people has perhaps never been more significant. My team and I truly feel honored to be working on such an important project." - Ben Jaffe, TAMID at Brandeis Project Manager