• TAMID at Brandeis

Project Manager Highlight - Daniella Herskowitz (Zikaron Basalon)

Zikaron Basalon is a non-profit that was started by the CEO, Elad Shoshan, in 2010. After noticing the growing disconnect between today’s society and the memories of the Holocaust, Zikaron Basalon was created as a grassroots movement to encourage conversation between survivors and young people. Zikaron Basalon constructs intimate spaces, or ‘salons’ in which the memories of the holocaust can be transmitted to the next generation.

As consultants for Zikaron Basalon we helped them penetrate the American market. We created lists of the youth movements, organizations, and facebook groups that we think would be most effective to advertise in and reach out to. We implemented changes in their website. We created a “host kit” that would be better suited for events now or in the future in which there are no Holocaust survivors left to attend. Additionally, we made a newsletter for the company to retain consumers throughout the yea when they are not active participants in Holocaust remembrance events. We also substantially increased their social media presence.

TAMID at Brandeis Zikaron Basalon Consulting Team (Spring 2019)

The most rewarding part of being a project manager is watching the members of my group create meaningful and thoughtful additions to the company. I loved watching my group put in the effort and receive the positive feedback from the CEO that they deserved. Working with Israeli companies has taught me to be proactive and not to wait for anyone else to check in on me and assign me deadlines, but rather to do it on my own.