• TAMID at Brandeis

Project Manager Highlight - Mitchell Dodell (Vibo)

Vibo is a DJ event-management platform that has been around for years. There are many parts of their business which fall into three main categories: the mobile app, the web app, and the scanner. Vibo is a B2B2C organization, but they mainly market to DJs. DJs get hired by clients for different events (i.e, a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or School Dance). The DJ creates that event on the Vibo web app, and then clients can request songs using Spotify and Youtube via Vibo’s mobile app. After that process is done, DJs can scan their entire music library and compare it to the requests from their clients. They can sort the songs they want to play and plan out their events much more efficiently than they could before having Vibo.

Our consulting group did a significant amount of work for Vibo, for a total of three major deliverables. The first part of our project was a working front-end design for ViboTrends — a data aggregation process that I designed during my time as an intern at Vibo on the TAMID fellowship. This website allows users to select a type of event, and see the top 20 songs of that event type based on the month. We used Wix for the design of the website, and then did all of the data rendering using Wix Collections.

Additionally, we conducted a two-pronged marketing approach. Michael Mahler, the CEO of Vibo, interviewed several clients via Zoom (a video chatting app) to get their thoughts on the company and how it has helped them with their own daily business operations as DJs. However, these recordings had low visual quality — so one of our consultants created closed captioned videos using just the audio. It allowed us to keep the impact of the DJs words while getting rid of the low-quality recording. We also evaluated Vibo’s social media, and quickly came to the realization that it needed a major overhaul. The main issue was that Vibo’s Instagram focused on guerilla marketing tactics, and needed some more professionalism. Our TAMID consultants decided to plan out a few different campaigns, and starting on the #ShowcaseVibo campaign. This campaign had them contacting Vibo’s clients and asking for a quick testimonial, and then posted that testimonial to Vibo’s Instagram. We found that Vibo needed to have more consistency to their social media in order to garner more views.

As a project manager, the most rewarding part was seeing the deliverables that my consultants created throughout the semester. TAMID is filled with high-caliber students who crave hands-on experience and have a passion for business — so why not give them tasks that fulfill that need? I cannot believe that in a semester my group was able to design an entire working website, edit video testimonials, and run a social media campaign. Throughout the semester, I got messages from my CEO letting me know how invaluable their work was and how much of a game changer TAMID consulting has been for his company. Working with Vibo as a project manager has shown me what it is really like for an Israeli start-up. If they have a vision, then they are going to reach it. Vibo has used guerilla marketing tactics and quick feature-focused development to create a tool that DJs truly need. If the Vibo team wants to get something done, you better believe that they will get it. Consulting for Vibo this semester has been truly a pleasure, and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the future!